Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hard Work Pay-offs

Yay!! Benjamin can read a bedtime story.

Julia considers it a privilege to do the dishes.

Finally, some concrete evidence that all of my hard work will eventually pay off. The Bible says not to grow weary in doing good(training my children) - that in due time we will reap a harvest. Maybe, just maybe I see the blossoms. Many of you have young children close together. They don't usually tell you that they're bored, they just begin dismantling your home and un-doing everything that you're trying to accomplish. I have found that a schedule or at least a routine helps head off boredom. I try to alternate chores, quiet learning play and physical activity - not always in that order. I'm blessed to have my 19 yo and 14 yo daughters to spend some time with the little girls and the boy who says he's "not really a teenager, but like a teenager!"
Actually, one of the few rules that I haven't had any trouble enforcing is "We don't use the word bored at our house." Everyone helps and everyone gets to have some fun. Usually.
One more little tip I heard that works for me - always have the youngest person capable to complete the needed task. That way the littles can gain confidence and it gives the older children a break.
For more tips to help relieve summer time boredom, visit Shannon's site.