Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Daytime Sleeper

This post is for those of you who may need some tips for a daytime sleeper in your home. You need to make the room as dark as possible along with some white noise to reduce the possibility of your daytime sleeper being awakened by noisy eruptions outside his door. If you don't want to spent the $100 apiece for the "blackout" shades, use garbage bags! You take the large size garbage bags and clothes pin two of them vertically to the sides of your existing shades or blinds. They actually work better than the expensive blinds that I looked at. And then, when you want the sun to shine in, you can quickly and easily unclasp the clothes pins, fold the bags and put them in the drawer!
The white noise machine comes from Bed Bath and Beyond called the Sound Spa. BBBeyond has 20% coupons that they send out frequently. There are a few different models. Each has different sounds that emulate soothing environments: waterfall, rain forest, the ocean, a thunderstorm. We use the waterfall because the noise is constant and doesn't vary. In fact, we have these machines in every bedroom so the young'ns don't hear us at night and in the morning and think that they 're missing out on a party. When my big daytime sleeper has his garbage bags pinned up and his "waterfall" he says that he dreams he's in a cave and can't get out until he retires. Hey, it works for me.
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