Monday, May 14, 2007

Never Give Up

In my "about me" description, I say that my interests include trying to work in the time to develop all of my big ideas and being a better wife and mother to my husband and kids. And relationships. I have a few other interests but those about sum it up. The details of my big ideas vary in form. Like how I plan to help my mom clean out her Salvation Army basement. Or how I can utilize the time I have left with my oldest daughter at home. But most of my big ideas are related to relationships and being a better wife and mother. My latest big ideas have to do with developing a business that I have thought about for a year or so. In the process of developing this big idea, I hope to help my husband to be home more and to include my children and teach them entrepreneurial skills.
It takes perseverance - the quality of continuing on as you jump/climb yet another hurdle to develop big ideas. I have it. I will never give up. I believe that God gives me many of my big ideas to make me keep coming back to Him to study His word and pray and re-evaluate my plans to make sure that my will is aligned with His.