Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Special Time With Each Child

Don't you love being a mom? Don't you hate the guilt with the nagging feeling that you're not spending enough time with your children? For us stay-at-home moms, one would think that we have ample time to just "hang out" with our precious ones. My experience is that time is eaten away by the hungry beasts of urgent situations, time-wasting activities, and just plain not planning. That's why, after discussing it with my dear husband, I plan in special time for each child. Actually, my oldest two daughters(19 and 14) and I have a set date every Wednesday with a babysitter for my younger three. We use the time to read a book that we're studying and to just talk and laugh without being interrupted. I want my kids to know that they are that important to me that I make spending time listening and connecting with them a priority worthy of my time, energy and money! I will tell you about what I do with my younger ones in another post.