Monday, May 7, 2007

Grand Prize Winner!

Hello Friends,
Before you get all excited thinking that you won something on my blog. Let me explain...
My dear friend, Carole (I'll tell you more about her in another post) taught a quilting class at our church. She found a fun way to encourage people to come and admire every one's work. She had a quilt show / brownie bake-off contest. Being the chocolate connoisseur that I am, she asked me to be a judge. I just happened to be baking brownies for a bake sale that day, too. At the last moment, I baked brownies for the church get together, not really thinking about the contest. The other judges and I were sitting around our table tasting all the fudgey creations when one of my brownies appeared on the tray for judging. I didn't say a word. Each of the other critics tasted my brownie (recipe to follow.) "Ooohh, that one is the best," they agreed, filling out their score sheet. Sure enough I ended up winning the grand prize all while tarnishing my honest reputation. I just hope and pray that my brothers and sisters in Christ believe me and my fellow expert brownie tasters when I tell them that I didn't judge my own, nor did I let on to my cohorts that it was my brownie!



One box Aldi brownie mix
One half package Aldi White baking chips