Friday, May 4, 2007

Cheap Entertainment

The main entertainment around here is not only cheap - it's free. My children's words and antics keep us chuckling daily. I hope I always have young'ns around to keep me smiling. My oldest daughters, Erica an Audrey play beautiful music on the piano. Julia and Natalie put on their ballerina dresses and dance around. Julia is graceful and dainty. Natalie is...well...let's just say we hope she gains some poise as she grows. Her chubby, squatty moves are missing the ballerina marks. Scroll down for more free entertainment.

I would link back to Kim's (and Crystal's) site, but I haven't figured out how to say here and hide the link in a pretty way.

Frugal Fridays

Can you believe that it's Friday again? My tip is simple, but tried and true. We all love to splurge on ourselves and our children. When you do - SHARE! I have friends that take their children to Mc D's or somewhere and everyone gets their own drink, fries, etc. My children know that when we do enjoy a special treat, we share. Sometimes, we'll go to the convenient store and buy a big slush, then divide it into smaller cups. They wouldn't be able to drink a whole one anyway. I wouldn't want them to.