Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"I will pray for you." Have you promised to pray and then later realized that you've forgotten? Do you have so many people/situations to pray for that there is no way that you could cover it even if you prayed all day? Do you wish that you had an organized way to pray for your husband and children? My friend helped me to come up with a calendar/schedule to help me to cover all my bases. Here is the blank page that I use which has 5 rows of 7 columns. (I use the horizontal one.) Across the top row, I have different families and causes for each day of the week. For example, on Monday I pray for my church family's needs (fresh in my mind from Sunday.) On Tuesday, I pray for my husband's family. I list every one's names so I remember everyone. On Wednesday, I pray for my family. I have various other people and organizations on Thursday and Friday such as Voice of the Martyrs, Joni and Friends, City Union Mission, Answers in Genesis, and other worthy ministries. I also pray for issues that are important to me such as abortion and the soldiers serving in Iraq and their families. Then, (I got this idea from Stormy Omartian's book), I list specific things to pray for my dear husband every day of the month. I pray for his health, his work, his relationships, etc. Last, but certainly not least, I pray especially for one of my precious children each day. I list some specific things for them as well i.e. relationships with Jesus, parents and siblings, life purpose, future spouse, etc. I keep my prayer calendar in a protective sleeve with a notebook to write down prayer requests that I receive. The system is not perfect, but I find that when I use it, I am blessed to pray for the people dear to me.
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