Monday, May 21, 2007

Tribute to Princess # 2

My lovely # 2 princess pointed out that in two of my posts, I commented that we're keeping her around for awhile. A long while. There are reasons for this. First, let me back up. I mistakenly called my younger princesses #1 and #2. They are actually #'s 3 and 4. So, I have 4 princesses living here with my strong soldier sandwiched in the middle. That's alot of royalty in one household.

The reason that we're keeping Audrey around for while (besides the fact that she's a mere 14 years old) is that she has many wonderful talents and character traits. One of the most unique talents that she has is the ability to discern little moan-y grunts that are a sign that one of her younger siblings is about to vomit. Then, she can leap from across the room, bowl in hand and prevent a huge mess. She's always been able to see others' needs and respond with the right kind of help.
She's very entertaining. Especially around midnight. Right when I really want to go to bed. She can also dance like a real ballerina even though she's never had lessons. Oh, and did I tell you that she and her friend made the dress that she's wearing in the picture?
She's kind and helpful. Versatile and flexible. She serves her family with joy. (Usually she has joy. Sometimes she just serves.)
Oh, and one more thing. She's the only person I know who received a scholarship to preschool. When she was 3 years old, she attended preschool two days a week at a church in our neighborhood. We needed to cut some things out of our budget and preschool had to go. When I told the director, she said, "Oh, we need Audrey! She's a special little girl." Then she told me that people from the congregation sponsor children to go to preschool there. So, Audrey got a scholarship to preschool.
I could tell you more, but given her many talents and sweet spirit, I'm sure that you can understand why we want to keep her around for awhile.

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