Monday, May 21, 2007


It's official. My oldest daughter, Erica is engaged. She and her fiance', Patrick are almost giddy. God is very gracious and kind. So is Patrick! If I had to go searching for the right young man for my princess #1, I would hand-pick Patrick. He is a handsome, God-fearing, passionate about Jesus, respectful, kind, patient, articulate, fun, responsible, smart Eagle Scout of a guy. I'm sure that I missed some of his attributes. My sweet daughter is a beautiful, God-fearing, passionate about Jesus, hard working, kind to her siblings, submissive to her parents, wise, discerning, creative, fun, faithful princess of a daughter. What more could a humble, tried-my-best mother(and father) ask for?! Did I mention Eagle Scout? Okay, I know it's not humble to brag. We are excited and thankful.
That is princess #2 in the picture with the happy couple. We're keeping her for awhile. A long while.


Oldqueen44 said...

Congrats to all. Wow...what a beautiful ring. Did they pick together or did he find that by himself? My first son-n-law was an eagle scout also. They got married at 18 and he would take her on dates in his uniform. So cute. Loving the Lord is their biggest asset. God is good to parents when the kids bring home treasures, don't you think? Happy planning Mom.

Anonymous said...

Ah! They are so cute!!! I love the blog. It's cool!

(this is Princess #2's best friend here) I love the blog, again!!!