Thursday, May 3, 2007

Strong Soldier

I have composed *ahem*( I use that word loosely) a song for each of my young babies as I rock and cuddle them the first few months of their lives. Benjamin was our first (and only) boy. Here are the words to his song:

"Benjamin my son

You are lots of fun

A gift from God; a special boy

You bring your family lots of joy

Some day you will be...

A strong man like your daddy!"

Okay, quit laughing. He loves it and each of my other children still like it when I sing their (and everyone else's) special song.

As Benjamin continues to grow up, he is showing sure signs of becoming a strong man like his daddy. It's exciting to watch his rudimentary endeavors to protect me and his sisters. I have to admit that I still don't completely understand his (or his dad's) testosterone-driven behavior. But, I will continue to help him to channel his innate desire to conquer and protect his mother and sisters.

I edited my picture to show my strong soldier in a tux and on his best
behavior. :) Isn't he the cutest ring bearer you've ever seen?


Jennifer said...

By the way, that is actually his Tarzan loincloth. It may also be used as an Indian/Native American loincloth. He has several other *manly* cotumes i.e. Daniel Boone and Robin Hood.

Sherry said...

Oh so typical! Have fun with your wee man.

BTW, your Frugal Friday link was to your profile. Where's the FF entry?

Mom2fur said...

Your little guy's sister must feel very safe and protected with such a great brother to watch out for them!