Monday, June 18, 2007

Looking Over The Fence

My little princesses were dancing and prancing around the living room. Julia has the grace and poise of the ballerina she envisions herself to be. Natalie has the grace and poise of...well...okay, she doesn't have grace or poise. Anyway, Julia was dancing, delicately waving her beautiful arms in the air when Benjamin came and roared in her face. Julia continued to dance, unfazed. Since we have been discussing the ways to deal with others (i.e. be a peacemaker and a servant) I began to praise Julia. "Julia that is wonderful. Beautiful. Great job over-looking an offense!" Natalie came flitting back into the room. "I want to look over the fence! I want to look over the fence!" She began to wave her pudgy little arms in the air thinking it was a new dance move.

1 comment:

Amy Hall said...

LOL--It would be awful to be left out, eh? :-) Cute story.