Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Busy Weekend Weeks

Me, Hubby, Grandma Darlene and Grandpa Dave and kiddos

Grandma Judy and Natalie

Ballerina Julia (with the real ballerina pose)

Grandpa Gary, Drew, and young'ns on Father's Day.

As long as I'm up way past the time I'm supposed to be in bed, I will post some picture from our busy last couple of weeks.
My mama came and went with us to shop for a wedding dress. I would post a picture, but the groom-to-be could drop by. Saturday Grandma Judy's hubby, Gary joined us and we celebrated Erica's and Patrick's engagement and Father's Day by Gary taking us out to dinner. (Nothing like taking yourself out!

The following Thursday, my dear mother- in- law and her hubby, Dave came. They treated us to dinner to celebrate our anniversaries. Twenty sweet years for us!
Weekend entertainment included a ballet recital (Princess #3) and Audrey's participation in Backyard Bible Club. A group of teenagers spending their time evangelizing and ministering to children in local neighborhoods. Erica was training to help with the City Union Mission camp for kids, so she missed some of the action.
My mom rejoined us on Saturday to share in the festivities.

Okay, I've made a mess. I need to figure out how to upload photos on the page where I want them and write next to the photos. This could take all night!
But, right now I'm too tired. Good night.
Oh, below are pics of Backyard Bible Club featuring Audrey.


Anonymous said...

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Jennifer said...


Anonymous said...

Seeing this post made me feel a little sad. Myh sweet daughter was not here for Fathers Day. I had to move dirt from my truck to the backyard on Sunday. Sure do like seeing your stuff. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Ack! I'm not in any of the pictures!!! ~sob~


Damsel said...

Linked to you from Rocks in my Dryer... We do BYBC, too! In fact, we're in the middle of them this week.

Great blog -- Is it okay for me to visit regularly?? :)

Jennifer said...

Please do visit. I will visit you, too!